I listen to you, to help you reach your objectives and your needs.

Depending on your situation, I will propose to start with either a total Internal Communications project or to do parts of it, meaning;  

  • Internal communications mapping
  • Blueprint of Internal Communications
  • Development of communications strategy
  • Internal communications planning
  • Internal communications implementation and evaluation


If you require, I will propose to you to do a Communication Culture project, or parts of it, meaning;

  • Communication Culture mapping
  • Implementation of activities to meet cultural needs
  • Intercultural communications training
  • Intercultural communications coaching


When you are in the need of a project manager and you do not have it in-house within your company, for a specific communications project, I can assist you with; 



  • Project Management
  • Web editing
  • Translations (Swe-Eng and Swe-Ger)
  • Events
  • Digital productions





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